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[book chapter and webinar] Negotiating Disaster Citizenship Through Kinship

How do disaster-affected households navigate the regimes of citizenship that shape housing reconstruction with the help of kin? And what are the implications of sourcing disaster assistance through kinship practices for disaster recovery?

In our upcoming webinar this "Building Relations" on 27 February 2024, I discuss how crises-affected fisherfolk navigate Philippine disaster citizenship regimes related to localism, response, palakasan (seeking power beyond the rule of law), and geomorphology by (re)generating kin relations with godparents and fellow islanders. The event is jointly hosted by the University of Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, the City University of Hongkong, and the University of the Philippines Diliman. Moderated by Dr Jean Franco of UP Diliman Political Science.


Image 1. Online flyer of our upcoming webinar on "Building Relations."

The webinar is based on my PhD research at RMIT University School of Architecture and Urban Design which later became a book chapter in: Lukasiewicz, A., & O’Donnell, T. (Eds.). (2022). Complex Disasters: Compounding, Cascading, and Protracted. Springer Nature Singapore.


Download the draft of thesis/book chapter on which the webinar is based:

CCL Chapter_Kinship as Cultural Citizenship in PDHR_CAJILIG_16JUNE2021
Download PDF • 358KB

My PhD Thesis "Participation as Inhabitation: Designer-Citizens Negotiating Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction" can be viewed and downloaded at the RMIT University Research Repository:

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