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[MAGAZINE ARTICLE] Design from the Passenger Seat

Quick plug of Design Anthology, a Hong Kong-based magazine, which released an issue focused on the Philippines! Includes my article on community-driven architecture in Metro Manila, co-written with architectural urbanists Francesco Pasta (Italy, Thailand) and Jhono Bennett (South Africa).

Image 1. Design Anthology Issue 6 Cover. Image Credit: Design Anthology

Our writing is based on our experiences with the ACHR Community Architects Network in Muntinlupa and Intramuros, Metro Manila. We highlight how urban design becomes transformative when communities take the lead in articulating the best use of city spaces for themselves, working with the assistance -rather than the direction- of designers. The issue features a balanced mix of articles on "design" with a small 'd' and "Design" with a capital 'D'.

Sold out in Fully Booked Rockwell. Outside Metro Manila, you can find it in HK, Singapore, China, Thailand, UK, US, and Germany. Selling much faster than expected so it would be wise to grab a copy when you find one!

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