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The Ontological Politics of Design Thinking for Disaster Recovery

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

... is the topic of my latest poster presentation, which I discussed at the 2020 Off the Lip Conference on Cognitive Innovation - at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, January 2020. I discussed how the application of 'design thinking' as a form of technology (and as defined by Tim Brown) to Curiosity workshops in livelihood and housing resulted in the articulation of political orientations and new ways of working.

Poster presented at the Off the Lip Conference on Cognitive Innovation for Sustainable Development at the University of the Philippines Open University in Los Banos. Image credit: Pamela Cajilig.

I drew inspiration from Sarah Whatmore (2013), who analysed how urban flood models influenced the negotiation and generation of ways both scientists and residents became political, together. I plan to apply the same thinking to materials in my ongoing doctoral research on post-disaster participatory design, and thought that the conference might be a good venue to test this ontological assumption via reflexive practice.

Looking to develop this into a full journal article soon.


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